The Bloodline's Shaun Discusses Past Act, Current Act, and Future Activity

Shaun Glass, guitarist, who did his time with his previous band Dirge Within, whose frontman moved away from the band to focus upon his own life, thus leading Shaun and other members to create an all new project known as The Bloodline. They have gone on to get signed and release a debut album, in which Shaun discusses his past band and current band activity, all in one shot!

1. First of all, who are you, and what do you do in the band?

Shaun: I am Shaun Glass and I play guitar.

2. Why was the decision made to change the band's namesake from Dirge Within to The Bloodline? Why not just stick to the same name instead of going through all the hassle of changing this and that etc.

Shaun: We felt once we began writing new material it was such a new vibe that rather than drag the old name to death to start fresh since a new singer was in tact. Some bands keep the name cause of the hard work starting over, but we would rather be known as THE BLOODLINE with a new fresh vision than play songs from DW.

3. What does the name The Bloodline refer too? Does it mean what it says is it a blood line? Whose blood?

Shaun: We all bleed the same blood. Family.No one is more than you or I.

4. Would you say that you all as The Bloodline and former singer Jeremy "Jerms" Genske are all on good terms since this change-up and his leaving of the band?

Shaun: We never see him as he's a bartender these days and has been done with music for years. He wasn't into metal near the end and wanted to focus on his personnel life more than being in a professional touring band.

5. Will we ever be seeing singer Jeremy "Jerms" Genske return to the band?

Shaun: We're not Dirge Within so that makes no sense. He wasn't in The BLOODLINE.

6. Do you guys play any of the Dirge Within material in your setlists?

Shaun: Nope...Why would we?

7. So the time that was Dirge Within is pretty much dead and gone?

Shaun: Yes we have moved on & are very proud of our new album We Are One.

8. How did you and Another Century/Century Media come together? Are you pleased with what they have been doing for you thus far?

Shaun: I met a few of the staff members over the years & Don Robertson heard 3 songs we demoed for the debut & felt we should be a team! The Century family is strong & growing daily.Glad that The Bloodline is on board. Yes it's not easy these days to be a label & for a NEW band to establish themselves is not a overnight task.

9. Who would you say are the bands biggest collective musical influences, and also individual ones that you feel can be heard on the record?

Shaun: We all love so many styles of music that said its very hard to pinpoint just one. I love the classics like Pantera Kiss etc  but also newer stuff that all finds its way in there.

10. Does the entire band contribute to the writing process?

Shaun: Pretty much.It usually starts with a riff that Chuck Wepfer or I have then it evolves once EVERYONE Gets to work on the song.

11. You shot a video for “Poisonous.” Is that a process you enjoy? Are there any plans to release any more videos from this album?

Shaun: It was a fun video but the weather out was a tad cold so the house we shot it in wasn't exactly cozy ha! We hope to do more videos off this album as I think DIVIDED is a key track.

12. What can fans expect with "We Are One"?

Shaun: Grooves hooks emotion & passion.

13. While this album just came out, are you guys working on anything new or were there any leftovers that will be used towards a future release?

Shaun: We have some new songs that we are playing around with but nothing is leftover from the debut.

14. Are you looking forward to playing alongside Fear Factory?

Shaun: Yes it's going amazing.

15. Describe your live performance for those who have never seen you live?

Shaun: Aggressive & passionate.

16. What's one item you have to have with you out on the road that you can't live without?

Shaun: My cell charger hA. And my guitars. ;)

17. What are your favorite cities/venues to play in the U.S?

Shaun: Too many to really pick but I love playing the south.

18. Do you have a favorite song you like to play live?

Shaun: Divided or We Are One.

19. What does the next year hold for you and your band?

Shaun: More tours and more Blood!

20. Is that your final answer?

Shaun: Yup thanks for the support.

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