Disney's Star Darlings Grant the Wishes that Come True Upon Earth in New Book Series

 Disney a place where all of your dreams and wishes can truly come true. In this case, they take this to a whole another world out in outer space, to a place called Starland. A planet where Starlings, live just like the Humans live on planet Earth, Starland has its own people living there, doing all that the Humans would do on Earth. Except Starland does have one thing that Earth does not and that's the Star Darlings! The Star Darlings are a group of 12 students, who attend an academy in Starland called the Starling Academy where they learn to grant the wishes that we Humans grant and hope come true, these students make that energy come alive from Starland down to Earth.

So that all of our dreams, wishes, can come true. As such, the Star Darlings has its own book series as well as a doll and clothing lines but the books is where all of the magic happens because reading in itself is magical. The books were written by authors Shana Muldoon Zappa and Ahmet Zappa with the illustrations done by the Disney Storybook art team. As the story goes, each book revolves around each of the twelve very special students who have been selected to attend classes at Starling Academy. The first book in the series focuses on Stage, it being called "Sage and the Journey to Wishworld", where Stage discovers her first time at Starling Academy, making friends, and figuring out who she will help out with what wishes and dreams need to come true. The wishes being made upon birthday candles, shooting stars, dandelions', wishbones, coins tossed into fountains just to name a few is how the wishes and dreams are made of course. Each of them are on their so called mission that will take them down to Earth  but it's not called Earth out in Starland, it's known as the Wishworld up there. Once here they have to find the Wisher and figure out how to grant the said wish before the time runs out and are stuck on Wishworld forever and ever. Sage discovers the friendships, teamwork, and to never assume just about anything, because anything can and usually does happen! Sage goes on a journey that is unlike any other. This first book in the series is filled with laughs, joy, happiness, just pure emotion, as you learn about this world of the Starland and its starlings.

In the second book of the series "Star Darlings Libby and the Class Election" we are introduced by Libby who is always wanting to please people, whether they are slow at making decisions or fast at making them, she is there to help all who needs it out. But she does need to learn something a little word called no and to stand up for herself and feel more confident as well. While she is at Starling Academy, she comes across a flower located in the Wish Caves, but as to who it belongs too is a ballot with only two names upon it. She heads down to Wishworld to find the wisher in question and help grant the wishes, while her friends of course come along to help her get everything back on track and in order. This is another one of those books in the series, that really captures those emotions, and what life can be like no matter where you live or stay, we all face the same problems or issues and can relate to one another quite easily. Libby has her friends to help her out, and she is able to embrace their friendship and believe in herself and help the wisher and their wishes, dreams, come true in any way possible, that all does turn out right in the end.

The book series doesn't end there but it does keep going, as it does have a few more books in its extensive series.  Each of these books again, dealing and focusing upon one of the twelve girls, expressing their experiences, stories, and time together at their academy, friendship, and everyday troubles, we all have come face to face with at one point or another. Again these books are filled with a lot of emotion and are quite fun and funny too. Each one will surely be an added addition to the series, as each one engulfs the reader into a whole new world with all new tales to tell.  There is also an added addition of another book "A Wisher's Guide to Starland" which of course entails the characters further, the land of Starland, and so much more greater detail, that is further explored and explained than the book series can only say, this little guide is the best source to use while experiencing the world that is the Starling Darlings.

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