Lalaloopsy - Band Together

Lalaloopsy has buttoned out since its start up in 2010, expanding into various lines with its toy division, having numerous toys of course, and other expansions including a TV show and DVD movies including one that takes the musical approach, as the other releases have done but this one goes for it full force! This is Lalaloopsy Band Together, where all of your favorite Lalaloopsy characters come together, as Jewel Sparkles discovers that Keys Sharps 'N' Flats has the dream of becoming a pop star, she takes matters into her own hands, to have auditions for other people to try out, to see who would fit into a band, this is where two other characters Strings Pick 'N' Strung and Sticks Boom Crash come in, as the new character trio form to create their own garage band known only as The Buttonnettes! The trio begins practicing right away, while Jewel sets off to get the band underway for a touring trek, where the band is set to tour all over Lalaloopsyland, playing their tunes for all to hear.

Other matters come into the mix as Spot Splatter Splash and Dot Starlight have their own adventures with the joys of music, Spot making art pieces that are musical masterpieces while Dot discovers an all new galaxy that takes music outa this world and into outside space! The film is filled with laughs, music of course, including a lot of catchy and upbeat tunes that will have you nodding your head if not humming to the beats. Some of the catchier tunes would have to be "Sparkle And Shine", "On A Roll", and "If You Believed In You", all of these are again catchy, having the music jump out at you, while still staying true to the Lalaloopsy style like in other DVD movie releases. These tune selections are just more rock based with pop elements in-between that keeps the music flowing if you will.

It's a rather enjoyable DVD that will bring smiles from beginning to end. It sure did this during my viewing of it. Not only does this movie have a rocking attitude with catchy upbeat tunes, but some added additions of including the Lalaloopsy Super Silly Party shorts, that takes Jewel Sparkles, Peanut Big Top, Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff and Crumbs Sugar Cookie to work together to design and release some super silly party dresses that are filled with such giddy funny times, it's easy to fall for all of the fun and entertainment, these shorts embrace, while they may be that just shorts, they are still highly funny and entertaining, catching all of the Lalaloopsy fun!

Lalaloopsy's Band Together release, is fun for all, music fan or not, because it captures the essence of music and how it gets started to where it ends up, showing the formula of what makes music so great!

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