Atreyu's Mini Tour that Lives Long

Hollywood's Troubadour is one of those small hole in the wall type of music venues, that's almost been around for 60 years! Now that's saying something, so much so in fact, that it's showcased a lot of the music scene's most unknown and well known acts, including tonight's assessment with Unearth and Atreyu, circling through a mini tour of sorts. Having of course this venue as a night to remember.....

Unearth who talked a good chunk of the time, mentioned that Atreyu were good friends of theirs so opening before them was quite the show, if you know what I mean. Anyway, Unearth's setlist was intense, a lot of the old and a lot of the new, off their catalog of sorts, like "Giles", "The Swarm", "Never Cease" were a lot of the newer and later works, while their earlier material included such tunes as "Zombie Autopilot" and "The Great Dividers", had the crowd tossing and turning in the mosh pit, while others around it, jumped up and down, waved their arms, to shouting whatever came to mind, everyone in the band's eyesight, motioned for some attention, as they praised their approval for the band. The band themselves, gave it their all, as they ran around the stage, really embracing the music, as each member gave it their all, truly, the main frontman vocalist, really interacting with the crowd, rising his fist, to shouting in their faces, to just having a good old time in general, Unearth know how to put on a show, and play it to its fullest efforts and that they did here.


Unearth's SETLIST:

1. Giles 
2. My Will Be Done 
3. The Swarm 
4. This Lying World 
5. Watch It Burn 
6. Never Cease 
7. Last Wish 
8. Endless 
9. Zombie Autopilot 
10. The Great Dividers

Next up was the headliners of the evening, Atreyu of course, who started off with some new material off their latest release, which lead right into their old material that got everyone amongst the crowd of on lookers, hyped and pumped up! Literally everyone in the crowd was screaming, shouting, jumping, and moshing all over the place, that it ward hard not to avoid interaction with somebody. Their setlist of course included the new material like "Long Live", "Start To Break" "Do You Know Who You Are?", were the new songs while most of the rest was all of the classic hits like "Becoming the Bull", "Right Side of the Bed", "The Crimson", "Bleeding Mascara". and "Lipgloss and Black", were the ones that kept everyone flowing with such energy it was flawless. One of the other songs that they did perform was done in a unique way, "Ex's and Oh's" was performed in a hardcore punk style, with a more upbeat energy and appeal, having the instruments sounding more fast and raw, really had everyone in the crowd excited more for this version than the original version. So that was an interesting take on another classic, which they did it right and it sounded great.


Atreyu's set was an impressive one, having been on hiatus for a while, these guys have come back from that stage with full on force, showcasing that even after a break that they still got it. Even after all of these years, they are still here, doing what they do best, create the music, and play it long and hard. As the band's sixth album showcases, "Long Live" long live Atreyu indeed.

Atreyu's SETLIST:

1. Long Live 
2. Becoming the Bull 
3. Right Side of the Bed 
4. The Crimson
5. So Others May Live
6. Bleeding Is a Luxury 
7. When Two Are One 
8. My Fork in the Road (Your Knife in My Back) 
9. You Give Love a Bad Name (Bon Jovi cover)
10. Start to Break
11. Blow 
12. Bleeding Mascara 
13. Lip Gloss and Black


14. Do You Know Who You Are? 
15. Ex's and Oh's ("Hardcore Punk" Version)

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