Atreyu - Long Live

"Long Live" is the title of sixth album release from Southern Californian's Atreyu. Whose three year hiatus had come to an end, as the band reformed to create, write, and release new music under their own terms. In this case, it came in the form of a single  "So Others May Live”, followed by an assortment of shows that would lead back to the band getting back to business on working on this album. Once it was all said and done this is how it ended up.

"Long Live" captures the essence that is Atreyu, but it isn't anywhere near the band's first set of releases i.e. "Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses" (2002) or "The Curse" (2004). It may provide those elements like the countless screams but the instrumentals isn't as aggressive as their past works. On this release, there are break downs, riffs, solos, chorus, the whole works are presented, but it isn't like the past works, where it was just more intense and as said aggressive.

This is Atreyu except it's a more modern and reformed Atreyu. "Long Live" consists of the single as well as other songs like "A Bitter Broken Memory", "Do You Know Who You Are", "Heartbeats And Flatlines", "Start To Break", and "Reckless", are all solid pieces of work, bringing all that is said here is not more, new elements that the band has taken into account to use for here and further works.

Atreyu's sixth album is one that takes an act that needed some time for themselves, to expand and explore in other ways, they did that and this is what the results end up becoming. A release that is a fresh take on a classic act.

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