Victor Love - The Network

Dope Stars Inc.'s frontman vocalist Victor Love has launched a solo project named after himself Victor Love, with the release of a debut EP release entitled "The Network". It includes the single and video of "Doom Trap" along with 2 other tunes "Machine Gun", and "Not Reality". This brief set of tunes takes such genres as alternative, doom, industrial, rock, and hip hop, mixing all of these genres together is quite creative and interesting to say the least. Victor Love manages to pull off this combination quite well, in fact it works so well in "Machine Gun". All of the tones working into one fusion that it sounds very energetic and laid back. Whereas "Not Reality", relays more on the industrial/rock/alternative aspect, with some hip hop moments located here and there, but still varies slight similarities just a tad. As for the single and the video that was made for it, "Doom Trap", that tune alone, pretty much sets itself up for what Victor Love's project is truly all about. It's filled with genre mixture that makes the music POP and stand out rather quickly that it jumps out at you, and makes it enjoyable to the ear.

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