The Lockhearts - Tales from the Sea

While the 70's era is long gone, it still exists for those who believe in it. in this case, rock n' rollers The Lockhearts take this time into their EP "Tales from the Sea" doubling it up with a double release, that takes the inspired 70's era into the modern day and age. For instance take such tracks as "Hope", "The Way to Thunder Road", "The Game", really enhance that 70's era, having pure rock n' roll rhythm, catchy lyrics, and instrumental structure it makes it work, so well in fact, that it's hard to resist. Now that is just the first half of the double release, the next half consists of such tracks as "Low", "Hush", and "Meet You There Again", are the pick of the bunch, that really captures the rock hard feeling that you will enjoy hearing, if not once then definitely again and again that's for sure. Both sides of the double EP release of "Tales from the Sea" is a solid release that is one to not be missed upon. It will be something you find yourself singing along too, if not tapping your feet too.

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