Awaken The Empire Tops Industry Showcase

Alternative go getters Awaken The Empire, have gone through some rough patches more than once. Having formed in 2009 being based in Los Angeles, California then relocating to Seattle, Washington sometime later, the band went on to go through a series of changes.... One being a band line-up change replacing previous bassist Jaymz Marcc with Romina Fronti who took over as bassist and backing vocalist. Another change up was the band's namesake going from Awaken The Empire to Delta Wave, in which they released a single entitled "We Control The Lights". Other changes followed suit from them getting signed to Century Media Records to being swapped out into Another Century Records, a partnership to Century Media's company. But it didn't stop there the band went on to further matters that lead them right back to where they started with Awaken The Empire.

Returning to using their original namesake Awaken The Empire and keeping bassist/backing vocalist Romina Fronti, aiming for the future with the release of their debut album "Aurora", where they worked alongside producer Erik Ron whose done work with other acts, like Panic at the Disco, Good Charlotte, and Get Scared. All of this would then cause them to play some minor showcases on and off, later a tour with more showcases popping up here and there, including one back where they called home, Los Angeles, California in the infamous Hollywood. At one of its many notorious venues the Viper Room.

The band's label Another Century/Century Media decided to put together a special industry showcase that featured some of its most highlighted and recent acts to be signed on, XO Stereo, Awaken The Empire, 9Electric, and Vattica. Awaken The Empire went on second on this special bill showcase, playing roughly around 9:45PM to around 10:15PM doing a solid setlist of around 6 tunes, including such singles as "Insomniacs Unite", "We Control The Lights", "Cross My Heart", and "Rise And Fall". Their performance style was chalk full of energy, passion, and motivation. The crowd was really embracing the band's presents, music, and drive for them, wanting to performing at such a specialized showcase.

The band themselves, did do a good job of it. Each member individually showed their talent of instrumental skill, like the drummer for one, was very interactive, clapping his hands during some of the band's set, while the bassist was laid back, doing her backup vocals, playing along to the tone of the music, while the two guitarists, took part in their own riffs and solo tactics that kept everything together. Their frontman vocalist/guitarist Damien Lawson really went all out, getting down on his knees, playing his heart out, really singing the lyrics of the material the band had written so compelling it was flawless.

Awaken The Empire:

Awaken The Empire may have been the second act to go on, but they blew everyone away and was the most talked about act playing at this showcased event. Everyone in earshot and height sight were in aw to what they were capable of doing as musicians and it showed beautifully.

1. Insomniacs Unite
2. New Song
3. New Song
4. We Control The Lights
5. Cross My Heart
6. Rise And Fall

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