Murder FM - Happily Never After

Ah the underground scene, it's chalk full of all sorts of activity especially music! Like take the music scene within the gothic, industrial, rock, punk, and metal scene, all of these genres have had its share of acts including some Texans calling themselves Murder FM. Who have tossed out some worthy singles, videos, and craftsmanship across the globe, touring, playing shows, you get the picture. In any case Murder FM have been hard at work writing and recording for what would be their release entitled "Happily Never After".

A collection of 11-tracks, the eleventh track being a remixed version of their single and video of "We The Evil" except this remixed contribution was done by Tommy Lee of Motley Crue and other projects. So you get a double dose of "We The Evil", each version being its own variation of creativeness.

Besides that there are other songs included here like opener "Legion", that follows "We The Evil", with other noticeable songs like "Burn" that track just happens to be a cover that was originally done by The Cure for the film soundtrack The Crow as its leading tune if you will. But when Murder FM do their take on it, they do it with such heart and pride it's filled with admiration just as the original. Now "Machine Gun Kisses", brings out a bit of Bullet for my Valentine essence with its amped energy, whereas the vocal chords punch those beats making it all twisted and active, surely to be a fist pumper if not a mosh pit driver!

The title track and "Rainy Day Parade" bring back a lot of the ballad vibes that a lot of the past acts provided those many years ago. Except these ballads have a more eeriness to them, like a bit of gloom and bloom in the gothic realm, if you will. Making them be that more enjoyable. While another song "Slaves" portrayed before these selections, is more like the "Machine Gun Kisses" tune, having that same variation, but more low key.

The band in itself is made up of such noble musicians like Norman Matthew as vocalist/guitarist/programmer, Matt X3ro as the other guitarist, J6 on bass with Jason "Shakes" West as the drummer, that they have built upon a fairy tale that is all their own. "Happily Never After" is a fairy tale and is available to hear on this Murder FM release. 

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