Chant - Brave New Apocalypse

Bradley Bills returns with yet another Chant release under his belt. This time being "Brave New Apocalypse", with the ultimate heavy beat creator Sascha Konietzko of KMFDM, who throws some heavy beats that makes this album sing like no tomorrow. For instance, the opening title track really opens this album up, having other songs like "Cycles", "Manifesto", "Repeat Repeat", and "Create To Destroy", be some of the selective tunes that really cracks out those beats. The vocal chords on the other hand, do their duty as vocals, but they seem distant at times, like you know they are present, but their style of sound to the beats of the music, just doesn't click very well. Whereas the music itself, brings itself together, leaving the vocal chords to lay behind in the background, if you will. The album is unique, creative, and catchy with such tones and form of beats, that it is enjoy and rather interesting, but it could be a tad better, if the vocals were more centered and more up front, having the music work with them, than not with them. Chant's "Brave New Apocalypse" is something that isn't like everything else.

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