SayWeCanFly Get Signed

Epitaph has signed one-man acoustic act SayWeCanFly to the label. Hailing from Ontario, Canada, SayWeCanFly is the heart and soul of 20-year-old Braden Barrie, who is currently playing shows to capacity crowds across the US on the 2015 Vans Warped Tour.

Barrie is a singer-songwriter mature well-beyond his years, with lyrics that show listeners no matter what struggles they face, they always have the power to make it through.

"I've spent many years of my life building SayWeCanFly from theground up, and have always believed in the power of faith and hard work," he said. "I've learned that the two most important aspects of being a musician are the songs I write, and the kids who listen to them. Becoming a part of the Epitaph family is something I feel in my heart is the right step for me to take. They have always stood out to me for many reasons, the most important being that their bands are consistently growing and succeeding, which I don't believe is possible without a loving and caring team behind the art. My priority will always be the music, and I'm thankful to have found a record label who understands why I do what I do."

Brett Gurewitz, Epitaph CEO states:

"It's truly amazing what Braden has accomplished with SayWeCanFly, all on his own, in such a short time. His passion and commitment are really inspiring. I'm thrilled to welcome him and his wonderful team to the Epitaph family."

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