Created To Kill - Worship Or Drive...The Road To Death's Construction

During the summer of 2004 another band was born, thus the death metal genre had Created To Kill. These guys have gone through a series of changes since their starting but all is well nowadays. So well in fact, it's lead down to this release a DVD calling itself "Worship Or Drive...The Road To Death's Construction". It consists of live performances, of 3 hours of content, ranging from live performances taking place during 2008 through 2013, with the added bonus of their official video for "Object Of Perfect Torture", along with slideshow after slideshow of photographs of them with the fans, performances, band practice, every inch of this band is covered and featured in this DVD.

 If you're not familiar with Created To Kill, the band has released two full-length albums "Worship Or Die" (2008) and "Death's Construction" (2013) with new material to likely follow suit. As far as the DVD's contents go, it is filled with live performances from numerous festivals and showcases Monsterfest 2008, Akron Deathfest 2011, Gutfest 2013, and two tours the Worship Or Die Tour 2009 and Killing North America Tour 2013. The footage within these said performances isn't your average concert DVD as far as quality. All of the footage is shot by the looks of it, if not a cell phone camera of some sort, then perhaps a handheld digital camera or perhaps a professional camera. But if you take this and compare it to another concert DVD like Cannibal Corpse's "Live Cannibalism", or Deicide's "Doomsday In L.A. " is nowhere near those quality ranges, as far as professionalism goes.

It isn't a bad thing but the quality footage of each of these showcases could have been done in a more better fashion. The audio on the other hand sounds not as great as it could. In some performances it sounds too loud, while other shots it sounds hardly hearable at all. As far as the look, it is good quality you can see the audience and band playing forth, but some shots the context isn't all that "great" but it's good. The band's performance style itself, is well crafted, and the band keeps up with one another, having well rounded songs, within the death metal genre aspect. The instrumentals are fast, hard hitting material, while the lyrics aren't to the faint of heart, if you're not into gory, killing content, you get the idea.

Overall this DVD by Created To Kill isn't the greatest release but it is good for what it is. It shows a brief history of where the band had begun to where they ended up and plan to head next. Metal fans alike will surely be into this band, whether it'd be through this DVD or an album by them, it's a way to get into yet another band within the music scene.

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