Black Veil Brides - Alive and Burning

Black Veil Brides an act that has since their formation a while back, has blown up like never before with four albums, countless performances of tours, shows, and with a DVD release on top of it all, there is no telling as to when these guys will stop.

Furthermore the DVD as mentioned is a live concert experience entitled "Alive and Burning" consisting of 17-songs from their assorted catalog of releases ranging from such tunes as "Fallen Angels", "Knives and Pens", "Perfect Wrapon", "The Legacy", "In The End", along with newer classics like "Heart Of Fire", "Faithless", and "Last Rites". The band went ahead and played these tunes in their hometown of Los Angeles, California at the infamous Los Angeles venue the Wiltern Theater, to a sold out crowd if you couldn't guess.

Black Veil Brides' performance on the other hand is classic, true to their unique style, maintaining a more rock n' roll vibration than their classical heavy metal meets rock n' roll, like they use to do with their Kiss meets Motley Crue era. That time is dead and gone on this tour front, having the members being clean cut with no make-up, war paint, however you want to call it, it no longer exists.
Which is a downside and disappointment to this concert experience, but the band themselves as like just said, is classic but more rock n' roll classic to their unique style. The fans in the crowd sung along to each and every song performed, while interacting with the band members themselves, rising fists, banging heads, everyone was active and well throughout this showcase.

All in all Black Veil Bride's DVD "Alive and Burning" is another concert DVD, that goes into that concert vault of other numerous DVDs , that any other band has put out, showcasing their performance tactics. As an added bonus a feature is included containing footage of the Black Veil Bride's fan base, interacting with their beloved musicians. If you are a fan of metal and rock n' roll then you will surely get into these guys and their new style of performing to an audience. It's energetic, effective, and very much alive and burning brightly.

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