My Little Pony Announces New Soundtrack "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Songs of Harmony"

My Little Pony's composer Daniel Ingram has released another soundtrack called "My Little Pony: Songs of Harmony" consisting of 10-tracks from the various seasons, including an all new song taking "Winter-Wrap Up" and "A True True Friend" combing the two into one! Check out the album's artwork and tracklisting below with buying options HERE and HERE.


1. The Perfect Stallion
2. Generosity
3. Bats
4. Flim Flam Miracle Curative Tonic
5. You'll Play Your Part
6. Glass of Water
7. Music In the Treetops
8. Find the Music In You
9. Let the Rainbow Remind You
10. True True Friend Winter Wrap-Up (Ultimate Mash-Up)

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