A Band of Orcs' Gronk! Talks All New Tunes with EP Release and More!

The orcs are back! A Band Of Orcs that is with an all new EP release "March of the Gore​-​Stained Axe Tribe". The next chapter in the Mythos of A Band Of Orcs has begun and will continue to devour the human race as we only know it! Bassist Gronk! The "Shaman" of A Band of Orcs. His name translates to ‘the-rumbling-sound-of-earth-quake-that-precedes-the-volcano-eruption’  Also seems to be the most capable with English, is the one behind this discussion of their EP and future plans.

1. It's been 4 years since we last spoke, so what has the band been up too since then?

Gronk!: Hail Natalie, since last usses spoke few things have come to pass, but those few things of great significance.  Usses put out critically acclaimed concept album “Adding Heads to the Pile in 2012;” then usses go on Madness at the Core of Time Tour with Gwar, Whitechapel, and Iron Reagan in U.S, fall 2013.  While on tour usses have first battle casualty toward end.  Hulg, the zombie orc, die final death, death – meaning no sorcery can reanimate his corpse.  Usses think maybe Beefcake kill him, or, mayhap Oderus.  In 2014 while in our homerealm Gogog beheld the Yellow Sign, which always inevitably followed by madness.  Now him chase ghosts and demons on blasted doomscape of Hirntodia.  But now, usses come back in 2015 with slightly changed battle formation and demo of new sound of magick called metal, “March of the Gore-Stained Axe Tribe.” Now, me Gronk! do high scream vocals and no more play bass (though me did on demo); Cretos do low growels and cruncy guitars by hims self, Oog still smash wardrums, and have new to humans orc named Srig Foehammer, him now play bass instead of Me.

2. Can you give those of us who aren?t familiar with A Band of Orcs a brief history of the band and can you please describe your sound for those who have yet to hear your music?

Gronk!: Usses summoned here one accident when tribe of human childresn play D&D.  They roll on “Random Encounter Table” A Band of Orcs.  Gruesom Grimp traveling Chaos pundit, part gremlin, part imp think it funny to summon thingy rolled on Random Encounter Table.  Usses just finish one battle in Hirntodia when usses disappear from there to appear here in Earthrealm.  Very disorienting.  Usses react with kill D&D players then hear strangly hellish hauntingly beautiful sound.  Usses run upstairs of tower and find Jed jamming to Slayer, the sound of “Raining Blood.”  We offer him deal: him spared if teach us how to make metal.  This was done; he still spared.  Then usses become metal band in addition of warband. Metal. Usses sound Metal. Blackened, death, thrash metal, hahahhaha!!!  Whatever.  Brutal Orc Metal.  Hirntodian Folk Metal.

3. What does "March of the Gore?-?Stained Axe Tribe" mean to you all?

Gronk! It is a warning flair of the savagery to come in 2016.  It actually translation of one small part of “Chata Urklud Cruaksi” one traditional march-chant of the tribe.  In original form it have hundreds of verses to keep orc tribe focused on long, long march to war and diverges for tales of heroes from Tribe’s past.  In this version, we chant only one heroic tale of the Agromegh, Grendel, founder of usses tribe.

4. Is it important for you to paint visual pictures with the songs?

Gronk!: Never really thought that.  Only thing important is find right word to fit meaning of song.  Sometimes paint picture.  Sometimes evoke emotion.  Sometimes cast spell.  It all depend.

5. What would be the cinematic equivalent of "March of the Gore?-?Stained Axe Tribe"?

Gronk!: There is none.  We have not this illusion box sorcery in Hirntodia, though there are other types.  Not really have permanence like illusion sorcery here.

6. How does the album art relate to the music on the EP?

Gronk!: It show usses and our Tribe ready to March from the cave depths of our home.  Usses mention in song how invaders came to take our caves and steal gold for gild their cities.

7. What's your favorite song on the EP right now?

Gronk!: All of them…haha!!!  But me guess special place in blackened soul for “Chata Urklud Cruaksi” cuz it in our language and all contribute a part musically, improvise as want over Oog’s beat.  It total beautiful Chaos!!!

8. What compels you to keep doing what you do?

Gronk!: The Will to Awaken Gzoroth in each of youse – Hail Gzoroth!!!!

9. What is in the future for Ancient Bards?

Gronk!: Well, youse human monotheistic establishments have done them’s bestest to exterminate Ancient Bards of all leudhi (translation: people), but them not succeed with usses and it clear from all Folk Metal and Viking Metal and such-such that assaulted peoples of Earhtrealm continue to fight. So me thinks ancient bards continue to tell tales of them’s peoples and homelandds for bring back the Polython and help awaken the Dragon in usses all.  Hail Gzoroth!!  Hail Eris!!!

10. What else is there to say to all of the fans that are out there?

Gronk!: Hail fans!!!  Usses honor all support you give usses, through all the battles and casualties and though usses deal with duties in Hirntodia and that makes usses slow in Earthrealm.  But ussses return in early 2016 Suncyle with new album by new battle formation of WarChiefs…Hail Gzoroth!!!!  You are spared!  Hail Natalie!!!

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