John R1se Announces New Release "Overcome"

John R1se is the hot guy from Siberia and that his trait perfectly fits with his composer’s talent in creating awesome music. Formerly he was known by his project called ‘Red Online’. That project is known for participation at music contests led within FiXT Remix – department of FiXT Music Label founded by Klayton Celldweller.

There he took several deserved medal places, but after that time he released just a few tracks and has gone from musical scene for some time. Nevertheless now we can become witnesses of John’s epic comeback with his brand new release ‘Overcome’ which symbolizes bright beginning of the new era in musician’s career. This track represents entrancing combination of orchestral, electronic and rock music. From the first sounds the emotional chute-the-chute will absorb your conscious and since that moment you’ll become obsessed with it.

The original track is followed with the Al Defender Remix, which presents us absolutely new vision of the composition. Electronic element is placed in the forefront to boost the track with inherent to that artist drive. Currently John works on his first long length album, which you will have a chance to experience in 2015.

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