Alesana's Confessions Tour Draws to a Closing Point on Its Cycle

The Confessions Tour a brief yet stable touring trek that was wrapping up come its stop by the infamous Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, California. The tour only having 6 dates remaining the acts a part of it could likely sadden at its departure.

In any case, the acts themselves included locals Of Euphoria from Los Angeles County, an act caught briefly, displayed post-hardcore efforts with pop and metal blended in, bringing the crowd around with excitement, as everyone was jumping up and down, really getting into it all. The band themselves stood their ground, sticking to their places on stage, as each had their own part to do, the drummer showing it off, while the guitarists, bassist, and vocalists 2 in fact, kept the melodies and tones in check, keeping it altogether, as they wrapped up their set to be a pleasing one.

Of Euphoria:

Up after these guys was another set of guys from an act called The Funeral Portrait, bringing their own formula of tunes they like to call theatrical rock. Imagine a Tim Burton crossover with rock n' roll, you get some heaviness with eeriness thrown in as well. These guys really got the crowd going, everyone was highly entertained let alone into it, jumping up and down and all over the place, waving their hands, arms, and limbs in the air like they truly didn't care. The band doing their share of jumping around and interaction with the on lookers, doing tricks, like kicks, arm flares, it was just an entertaining experience to behold from these guys from all sorts. Their music was again heavy and really rock n' roll hearted, if you want something to ease your pain or relax too these guys are the ticket to check out live or music-wise.

The Funeral Portrait:

Next was an all female group called Conquer Divide whose performance I did not bear witness but could hear outside the venue, their style sounded a lot like a younger version of another all female talent, Kittie, their style being metal, while these guys provided a more rock meets metal approach. They have the screams like Kittie, except more clean vocal chords, bringing out that rock sense a tad more. Their performance all and all sounded quite imaginable.

Only a few acts leftover one taking metal mixing it with trance and dance calling it Metal/Electronica they are an act called The Browning. These guys at first glance and ear were interesting, not really grabbing much interest into their set really expanded. They got everyone involved, as the mosh pit opened up, everyone hardcore dancing and pushing and shoving one another. If not others around them jumping up and down and even some brief sightings of crowd surfing. These guys kept the dancing shoes going throughout their set, having catchy breakdowns, riffs, solos, and tones that ended up turning me different towards them. The Browning is an act that didn't impress at first glance but after some time set in, they beg to differ, changing my liking towards to being not bad at all.

Capture The Crown:

Now next up was some gents from across the globe Australia in fact, these guys are known only as Capture The Crown. Another mixture act that combined metal and rock to form their own take on the genres, like having melody, screaming, that's what you get with them. Their performance kept the crowd going from the previous performers, everyone screaming, moshing, just everyone truly was into these guys set up. The band themselves, went from side to side, doing their thing, as the crowd watched and went along with everyone moment, if the vocalist waved his arm back and forth so did the crowd, if he played games again with his arm, moving it up and down to keep the crowd quiet or loud as heck, the crowd obeyed.  If that wasn't enough the singer announced that he would by the end of their set being jumping off the balcony of the two story venue, into the sea of people below, in which he did as the band wrapped up their set. He fell back facing the crowd, as people crowd surfed him from the back to the stage, as he concluded the set, giving a shout out that this was Capture The Crown and they were not going anywhere!

1. Reign of Terror
2. Red Light District
3. Smirk
4. RVG
5. To Whom It May Concern
6. Oxy Sunrise
7. You Call That a Knife? This Is a Knife!

Last but not least were the headliners of course! But of course who else was left but them! Anyhow these were the guys in Alesana, not Alesona as the singer mentioned to the crowd during their set, but no ALESANA! Having only seen these guys perform twice before, in which catching their sets briefly, this would be my first time seeing them front and center in a full set.


 As the lights dimmed and the introduction music began to trance the audience in question, the band took their places, as the intro wrapped up and the song opened it all up, everyone instantly singing along, interacting in the mosh pit, to jumping all over, everyone was interacting from all parts of the venue. As the song wrapped up it just kept going, each song being sung if not push along, as everyone there knew the words, knew what to do! The band themselves drenched in their own bodily fluids kept things going, as they jumped, ran, and went face first into the crowd really keeping that energy flowing.

It was a very entertaining and rather interesting set to say the least. These guys know how to put on a show and really get the crowds at said place really energized and interacted. The singer doing his part a bit too much as he screamed at the top of his lungs really going at it, as he kept interacting with the crowd, not saying this was a bad thing but repeating it was a bit overdone. But again, that's the performers business for ya, they do what they do, and it keeps those who witness them satisfied. As the singer had said while taking a break outside the venue, before the band even played, was that "I have to go to work" and that he did.

The Confessions Tour was one of those touring cycles, that combined a little of everything, it was a decent bill, the performers not bad, bringing it altogether to be a fun filled night of events that everyone enjoyed by the looks of it.

1. Fatima Rusalka
2. Hand In Hand With the Damned
3. The Artist
4. Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen
5. The Murderer
6. Curse of the Virgin Canvas
7. Circle VII: Sins of the Lion
8. Comedy of Errors
9. The Thespian
10. Beyond the Sacred Glass
11. Ambrosia

12. Apology

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