Sofia Talvik's "Big Sky Country" Video Released

Sofia Talvik is a North Sea siren blending sparkle and melancholy, and she is a veteran performer with five full-length albums as well as numerous EPs and tours. She had this to say about this song and it's video accompanying it;

"Many of the songs from Big Sky Country were inspired by my U.S tour that took me through 37 states in 16 months," Talvik said. "I wrote this song when I was nearing the end of the tour, and I was looking back at all the beautiful places we had visited and all the great people we met along the way. But the song is also about coming home, something I was longing for at the time. I filmed a lot of the tour, making little YouTube video diaries, and the music video for 'Big Sky Country' is put together of clips from the different episodes. It was fun to make because it gave me a chance to re-live the tour a little. It was really a once in a life time experience to drive around the U.S in an old RV for so long."

 Check it out HERE.

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