Under City Skyline's Destination Determination!

Under City Skyline's was formed in late 2009, since then they have brought upon a sound unlike any other blending heavy and melodic breakdowns, impressive instrumentals, chorus structure that you will find stuck in your head for days on end.

After years of hard work and determination they went ahead to write and record their debut full-length "Destinations" with producer Taylor Larson. Since then they have managed to always bring forth that energetic live performance presents showing willingness to reach out and make friends everywhere they roam.

1. What type of band are you?
If we had to sum it up in a particular genre we’d probably say we are a metalcore/post-hardcore band.

2. Tell us the brief history of your band.
Well the band has been around since late 2009 being formed in the Virginia Beach/Chesapeake, VA area. Originally the band was created as a group of friends trying to play music and have fun together, the influences were A Day to Remember, Vanna, The Devil Wears Prada, and many more at the time. Slowly throughout the years and member changes the band became more and more serious and has become what it is today. Bands such as Like Moths to Flames, The Plot In You, Fit For A King, Us From Outside, and a many more now influence us. We strive to bring an energetic and tight live performance every show we play that is better than our recorded music; we want to bring something special for the fans. You can listen to the album whenever you want to but when you come to a show we want it to be an experience for you not just the same thing you listen to on your iPod.

3. Where did the band get its name and what does it symbolize?
The band name was actually coined by one of our old members, one night at practice he just kind of threw the name out there and it stuck. It really doesn’t have any symbolism behind.

4. You worked with producer Taylor Larson on your debut release, what was it like
working with him?
He is an awesome producer to work with we had a lot of fun with him and he was very helpful with ideas and where we wanted to go with the record. Its crazy now to think when we did the record with him that he was kind of hidden he had done a lot of work on other albums but right after us he did Us From Outside, I the Breather, as well as Periphery! Its kind of surreal that we got to work with him when we did!

5. "Destinations" is your debut release, how does it feel to have your debut out and about
for everyone to hear?
It feels really good to have something out there that is a lengthy album for people to listen to and get a feel for the bands sound, but we hungry to get the next one out to show the growth of the band and
hopefully make a stake as a up and coming band.

6. What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?)
“Destinations” was a concept album when we recorded it. The band had been through a lot and we just kinda wanted to share to everyone what we had been going through and what direction we were pursuing.

7. Do you write your own songs? (Discuss the songwriting process in detail.)

Yes we write everything! We used to always jam and write new material in our practice space but now with our guitarist Spencer has been going to school for recording so we do a lot of in house pre-pro which is pretty cool because we can really be picky and get the sound and lyrics we want! The song writing process is usually just done by Ricky lyrically he often comes up with the lyrics on his own time and then he presents them to us. Then if we want to tweak something then some of us brainstorm together to get exactly what so that everyone is satisfied.

8. Who designed the album artwork what does it represent?
Dave Quiggle who has done work for Gideon, A Day To Remember, Bury Your Dead and many others designed the album artwork. The artwork is meant to represent finding your place in the world, we wanted it to look as though the character in it had been travelling and was lost looking for his/her place in relation to the album title.

9. Who are your musical influences?
There are so many different styles of music and bands that influence us but some influences include: Like Moths To Flames, The Plot In You, Architects, Fit For A King, Bring Me The Horizon, Vanna, and so many more.

10. What inspires you to do what you do?
Music has always been a passion of all the guys, we feel good doing it and it gives us a feeling that is really indescribable. To play in front of a crowd and everyone is singing the lyrics and opening up the pit is just awesome to us we really enjoy it. It’s a flattering experience.
11. What image do you think your music conveys?
We feel like our music sends a positive message fueled by struggle and perseverance. No one ever seems to live an easy life and sometimes we think bands are misinterpreted and thought of as some higher form of some sort and we are here to write about it and tell people that we are just like them and we are no different them the kid who buys a merch item because he liked our music!

12. What are the biggest obstacles for bands?
I'd say the biggest is financial we are an unsigned act at the moment but have recently teamed up with Creation Artist Development which is owned and operated by Shawn of I the Breather and he gives us a lot of insight and advice on what directions we should take to help preserve our money. I cant tell you enough how many times we have gotten stiffed at a show and its tough because the band lives a little off that just to get to the next show and to buy new merch or recording for the band. We just keep pushing though and we hope all our effort to get through all obstacles will only make the moment sweeter down the road when or if we get signed!

13. What advice would you give to fellow bands?
To fellow bands or musicians if this is your heart and dream, put all you got into it. Hold nothing back and reward will eventually come. However if you are a least slightly hesitant or questioning yourself about being in a band you really need to find out what you want because you could be such a cancer to yourself or the others in your band! Also, keep an open door policy and communicate with your band. Remember now you guys are a family you will do so much with those guys that you will defend them over everything!

14. 2013 has what in-store for you guys?
We are currently writing pre-pro for the new record which has yet to be named. We can tell you this much. Is going to be very personal and we feel like we are going to get a very good response with. We haven’t decided if its going to be a full length or an EP we are just kind of seeing what we come up with. We will also be touring most likely up and down the east coast as we are trying to build a bigger fan market in those respective areas so be on the lookout!

15. Would you like to say or add anything else?

We would like to thank you for hitting us up for this interview we love doing these kinds of things. We want to thank all the promoter/bookers who help set up our shows. And of course our fans who come out and buy merch and support 100% we do this because of you guys! Also big shout out to the Creation team and family expect big things from us and the rest of those guys this year!

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