Snow White's Poison Bite - Featuring: Dr. Gruesome And The Gruesome Gory Horror Show

Breaking the ground as one of Finland's very first "screaming hardcore" bands around the group known as of 2007 as Snow White's Poison Bite. Since then the band has released two EPs under a small Finnish label, Poko Records then following this lead to them being signed with Sound Of Finland's Hyeena Trax leading to their debut release, "The Story Of Kristy Killings". Now that all eyes were on them there was no turning back.

As most bands do they underwent a drastic lineup change in early May 2011. Leaving band-founder, vocalist Allan Cotterill, as the only original member. Determined to keep his fans happy and the band alive, Allan went to work, searching for new members to create a new and improved band.

Fast forward to today's terms of the band and it consists of Allan “Jeremy Thirteenth” Cotterill, guitarist Tuomo “Tupi” Raisanen, bassist Hannu “Bobo” Saarimaa and drummer Niko "Hoker Dine" Hyttinen. This new and improved set has been hard at work writing and recorded for their follow-up and second studio album release but first under their new label home, Victory Records. This highly anticipated debut was titled "Featuring: Dr. Gruesome And The Gruesome Gory Horror Show".

The album featuring a classic icon that matches the material being said quite well, Michael Graves of The Misfits came forth to offer his vocal skills on "Zombie Romance". An added touch that suited them so well in fact it brought back an era known as the 50s, a time of doo-wop bands, hence the brief mellow intro this song plays out having a line of lyrics "So I took her to the movies, walked her through the park, she, she wants to kiss me, so I gave it a shot" sounds awfully like the Murderdoll's tune of "Teenage Zombie" except their lyrics went  "I took her to the movies, And I took her to the park, I took her in the back-seat, And that's where she stole my heart" listen and compare two for yourselves and you be the judge.

Aside from that, the band went on to release two singles, "The Gruesome Gory Horror Show", followed by “Will You Meet me in The Graveyard?” each of which brings back the same formula as what was done before except it sounds heavier, impressive, and brutally fangtastic! The lyrics fall between the lines as they previously had done sounding nothing out of the ordinary for these guys whatsoever.

All in all Snow White's Poison Bite has followed-up fangtastically well and even further mayhem will develop in the next chapter, of their gruesome gory career.

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