Once Upon A Zombie Dolls Are Coming for You!

Something's gone wrong in the Fairy Tale Universe! All of the iconic, beloved characters are transforming into zombies! All their kingdoms including, Wonderland, Neverland and the Enchanted Forest, are decaying into wastelands. It's up to one girl, Caitlin Rose Fletcher, to find a way to prevent the zombification of the entire universe!

Once Upon a Zombie is an enchanting new children's book featuring spellbinding art and illustration combined with a thrilling adventure destined to delight kids and adults for years to come. Written as a trilogy, Once Upon a Zombie is now licensing to consumer product companies globally, capitalizing on the blazing hot category of zombies and the evergreen characters including, Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell.

Once Upon A Zombie Dolls

Once Upon a Zombie will be built around a dazzling new doll line and digital game technology featuring augmented reality from Wowee, makers of Robosapien, Paper Jamz and other award winning, top selling toy brands at Walmart, Target and other major retailers.

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