Hopelezz Unleahses their Black Souls!

Hopelezz was formed in 2009. Since then the band used every chance to play shows in their home country. In summer 2010 the band´s first EP "Sources of Igntion" was released and in 2011 the band produced their full-length debut "Black Souls Arrive, signing a worldwide record deal with 7 Hard Records. Now who knows what else these guys have got lined up next. They did all get together to discuss their debut release and the band themselves.

1. So how did the band get the name, Hopelezz does it represent or mean anything to the band?

Nik: Sebastian Aurig (Guitar-Player) and myself formed the band in 2008. We were searching for guys who were as motivated as were. After one year we got all guys together. You know what? The band name didn´t mean anything. Ok, our songs are about daily problem and stuff, but we are not that much hopeless ;) We were searching for a short name that everybody can remember.

2. What type of band are you?

Nik: We are a 5 piece band. two guitar players, one drummer, one bass player and a singer.

3. Tell us the brief history of your band.

Nik: Like i said before we were searching for guys with the same passion. We are not a band that is just in the rehearsal room. We want to go out and play shows. After half a year when the band was formed we got the opportunity to play shows with Sepultura and Ill Nino. In 2010 we released an EP with 3 Tracks. Last year we signed a label deal with 7 Hard Records and released our debut album "Black Souls Arrive". Since 2009 we played over 70 shows with bands like Soilwork, Six Feet Under, Illdisposed, Sodom, and many more cool bands. We really appreciate everything we got.

4. Who are your musical influences?

Nik: Everyone of us got different influences. The first music i listened to was 80´s Metal like Kiss, Alice Cooper, Def Leppard and stuff but we all like modern stuff like the whole Swedish Scene. It has to be headbanging stuff and always with a melodic touch.

5. What are your dreams and goals?

Nik: We want to grow year by year and since 2009 we did exactly this. We defiantly want to go on a European Tour. We got already some contracts but there is nothing fixed yet. Of course playing the big festivals and that every metalhead in the world got our songs on their iPod´s. ;)

6. Who writes the songs, what are they about?

Fabio:  Usually one of our guitar players comes up with a melody. Both got tons of ideas. I (Dominik Gaidel, Drummer) am always there when new ideas are on the table and we finish the songs together as a band. Fabio, our singer and I share the writing of the lyrics. I personally write stuff about things that I am thinking about a lot. Daily stuff, you know. How I connect with other people or bad properties of people I met. Fabio takes the ideas and match this together with his own ideas and works it out to a final version.

7. How do you describe your music to people?

Fabio: We make fast, headbanging music but the melodic part is always present, that’s extremely important for us. For me it´s great music to drive fast with my car. Fabio always says “My band plays melodic-metal an I sing death-metal”.

8. What image do you think your music conveys?

Fabio: I don´t know if people really listen to the lyrics a lot. If it is so, then they hopefully get a feeling like “damn, I had the same feeling!” If not, then you just have to bang your head, no matter where you are.

9. Can you tell me about the song and video for "Devils Ride"?

Fabio: Literally the song describes the feelings of someone, who doesn't want to swim with the masses and tries to escape from that. It took us a whole day for having enough material for that video. We filmed the same scenes over and over again and played the song for a thousand times. But as we have seen the result of that in the final version, we knew that the whole effort was worth it.

10. That song comes off your release called "Black Souls Arrive" where did a title like that come from and is this a concept release?

Fabio: With this album we marked a milestone for ourselves as hobby-musicians. For us it is like having a black soul within us. We formed and released it in these eleven songs including the intro…..“now we arrived!” That’s the intention  At the moment we don’t know if the second album is going to be something like a sequel of that or not.

11. How does it feel to have your debut release out and about?

Fabio: It is a really great feeling! All the work, passion and time having pressed on a 12cm slice is amazing for us. We still can’t believe it and are very thankful for having the opportunity of doing that. Without our label and especially our fans, supporting us in many many ways, it wouldn't prosper like that.

12. You signed with record label 7 Hard Records how did this occur and are you satisfied with what they have to offer?

Fabio: Our drummer did send a lot of letters including infos about us and the album. We did get a lot of responses and offers which varied extremely. There were also a lot of answers like “Sorry, pretty cool stuff but our budget is already planned for other ones”. Finally we signed with a label with the best offer and opportunity to make the next step for the future of HOPELEZZ. Until now we don’t regret to work with them. Our drummer is in instant contact with the label and we keep us always updated in both ways.

13. Does this debut differ from your EP?

Fabio: We hope you listened to both CD’s….haha! The sound of our album is a little bit more aggressive since we have Dennis, one of our guitar players, in our circle. Of course the EP contains just a little part of that what you get in the album. In our eyes the EP is perfect for people who say after a concert “great show guys! But I don’t have the money for a full album”. ;-)

14. When it comes to shows, how do you promote your band and shows?

Fabio: We use all ways to promote our shows, mostly we do it with Facebook and also some local printing magazines. We are also glad that the event-managers do also their work and promote the shows with every channel they can us.

15. Can you describe your show, visual and musically for us?

Fabio: The best description is our new Live-Video from the “Hometown Gig”….just type HOPELEZZ HD in youtube and click it…..word’s can’t describe what we feel in a show….haha.

16. What advice would you give to fellow bands?

Fabio: Don’t give up and try to give the best you can, otherwise you are just one in a million…..sounds hard but it’s like in every other business. We talked with a lot of other bands who had the illusion to be the next big thing with just a concert. Other ones forget that they are nothing without fans supporting them. Being thankful to the persons who spend their money for you and your work is a very important thing in our eyes!

17. What inspires you to do what you do?

Fabio: The music is a way to get out of everyday business, we all have regular jobs and spend our time with other things. The inspiration comes from the fact that there are people who give us the time and room for doing this. Music is our way to dive into a world we formed in our head. Pretty psychic stuff, maybe this way we save the money for an analyst. :-D

18. How does music affect you and the world around you?

Fabio: Music is a thing which surrounds us permanently. We talk with friends about music or listen to nearly every stuff we’re interested in. Of course the people around us accept that we put a lot of time and money in it. Nearly every part of our live is affected, beside our jobs. It’s not just “yeah I make music”….it’s more “Music is more than important for us, that’s why we make music!”

19. Is that your final answer?

Fabio: Now we can start the commercial part of the interview….cheers! We are glad about everyone who gives us a feedback about our music and videos. We like to talk after the concerts and having a beer with the crowd. Our next shows you can find on Facebook, like our page, visit us and have a fucking great time with us!

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