Secret's Frontman Leaves Band

Secrets have posted a statement in response to frontman Xander Bourgeois no longer being in the band. You can read that below, followed by Bourgeois' statement and original video explanation of him leaving HERE. The group released their debut studio album just last year, the Ascent. A replacement vocalist will be announced in the near future.

"As you have probably heard by now, Xander will no longer be in secrets but will always be a brother to us. We are really excited to see him take the time to clean himself up and can't wait to see what his new musical endeavors churn out. To clear up a few things, we ended the Silverstein tour and had about a week off and went directly into finishing writing the new album and recording and in a few weeks will begin working on everything for warped. After warped we will be touring non stop the rest of the year. It would have been nearly impossible for xander to continue with the band and truly work on getting clean at the same time. We're sure the decision to pursue his sobriety over the band was extremely difficult but were very proud of him for making it.

As far as the new album,'s done! We will be announcing our new screamer and putting out a studio update in the next week and who knows, maybe even some new song clips! New album has a fair amount more singing than on the ascent and ALSO has the heaviest songs we've ever written. Were extremely proud of it and cannot wait to release it this summer!"


"Hey everyone, its Xander here.

as we know, all good things come to an end, BUT this is definitely not the end for neither myself nor Secrets, but I have made the decision to quit Secrets in order to maintain my sobriety and also make a new band for myself. I love everyone in this band and wish Secrets the best, I hope all of you can understand where I am coming from, I love you guys so much and thank you for the abundance in support throughout the past two years. see you soon.
here is a video I made in order to further explain my decision.

-Xander Bourgeois"

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