Emily The Strange Launches Kickstarter to Release New Single!

Robert Reger, creator of  Emily The Strange, has announced that his well-known character has found her voice as a musician in her five-piece band, Emily And The Strangers, and has started a $55,000 Kickstarter project to fund the creation of her first animated single, "Calling All Guitars." Find out more via the video below and see how you can help Emily And The Strangers get their start at the Kickstarter page HERE.

"Our Vision for EMILY AND THE STRANGERS is to make Emily and her band REAL," the campaign page states.  "And give her a real voice that sings, rocks, and is alive. Of course by 'alive' we mean animated."

You can check out a video discussing about the Kickstarter page and word about the band and single by going HERE.

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