Terror - Live By The Code

The hardcore scene was dominated by a wide range of acts and those that followed them including Terror. Terror has been around for quite some time and has released its series of albums including its sixth full-length "Live By The Code" which in itself displays such raw power and energetic portions it's hard to resist. This release goes down the lines of sounding a lot like their previous works going back to the days of "Keepers Of The Faith" crosses "Lowest Of The Low". With this it mixes hard energy with groovy rhythms that pulls in that Terror momentum that you've learned to know.

Terror's vocalist Scott Vogel is aggressive and hungry for more with his pissed off screams and yells that keeps the mosh pit hardcore dancing addicts entertained. Lyrically the passion is shown like never before. The themes of "Live By The Code" is layered with honest to goodness material, that lets you know that this band is the real deal. Whether it’s dealing  through difficult times like "Cold Truth", or the retaliation against mediocrity with "Invasion", or the fight for equality with "One Blood", there is that edge. Even the negative tone of "Hard Lessons", had such a positivity it can be seen as an opportunity rather than something misread.

Terror's abilities are without a doubt here in all shape, size, and form, this is an absolute triumph that these guys can claim as their own doing, Thus this packs in all there is to known about Terror.

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