Doyle - Abominator

Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein has been around for years since the day of his time as being the guitarist of The Misfits he's taken his love and concept for horror rock and era of those golden days and infused that into his newest side project he'd like to call after himself, Doyle.

Doyle's debut release "Abominator",  is a heavier approach to his previous project Gorgeous Frankenstein, now he's taken that horror aspect developing a fresher concept and appeal if you will. Doyle being an impressive and creative twist of art when it comes to the music itself, is quite compelling with songs like "Learn to Bleed", "Cemeterysexxx", and "Bloodstains", it goes without saying that with titles such as these, this is compelling with that alone. As such the material is heavily infused with roaring guitar riffs, fusing drum attics, with ghoulish vocal chords that spindles it altogether into a giant spider web of material, having the horror concept with heavy metal blended right in.

In short Doyle's "Abominator",  release takes what he likes and loves exposing it once more to a generation of music go getters just eager to take in that fresh air of horror inspired music!

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