Listen up Shredheadz! In their relentless quest to conquer the universe with their hell-powered bone-crushing riffs, earth-shattering beats and mind-blowing melodies, Metaversian masters of metal THE SHREDDERZ have unveiled a brand new video for their debut single, "Shredderz" (feat Alex Skolnick (TESTAMENT).

"Yeah, we were pretty psyched to get Alex to shred on the track, but he knows a great tune when he hears it. Anyways, our manager and the 'suits' kept tellin’ us that we gotta shoot a video for 'Shredderz' So, the label rented a bunch of helicopters, 3 tanks and a bunch of explosives for the video, but half of us overslept and missed the first day of shooting, so they went with plan b and kinda documented 'a day in the life' of one of our fans. Turned out pretty rad tho, we’re stoked” - Weezel (lead guitarist)

Watch the video for "Shredderz":

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