Alestorm says Quack, Quack, with Ducks, with Gloryhammer and Lutharo in for the Fun in LA!

Epic-ness, fantasy, pirates, AND ducks?!?! Indeed so, when it came to the United Stations of America Tour with Alestorm, Gloryhammer, and Lutharo! This early summer trek, hit the Los Angeles, California terrain, stopping at the Wiltern Theater!

Doors opened at 6PM with the openers Lutharo hitting the stage sharply at 7PM. Performing a solid 30 minute set, having caught the end of it, the last set of songs were intense yet catchy. This band bringing to mind Arch Enemy meets Unleash the Archers. Their performance overall, was one that was brief on my part but surely memorable at least. Guitars, vocalization was powerful and promising, being an act that will likely be going places for sure.



1. Phantom

2. Ruthless Bloodline

3. Wings of Agony

4. Hopeless Abandonment

5. Lost in a Soul

Next up was Gloryhammer, a power metal band from the U.K., who was founded by keyboardist Christopher Bowes of Alestorm believe it or not! Each member of the band, goes on to represent a character with costumes, story, the whole concept, which is done live on stage and within their music videos, song lyrics too. A lot of the band's material, was involved within the fantasy aspect, especially unicorns! The power metal melodies were catchy, never ending, and truly just interesting to witness really. The band goes into the theatrics with it, bringing props, characters, and total interaction with the crowd as a whole. The crowd present, really getting into it. Lots of cheers, claps, and utter excitement to hear and see it all played live! Surely they are an act, that is hard to follow up with, but there was just one act remaining.



1. Holy Flaming Hammer of Unholy Cosmic Frost

2. Gloryhammer

3. The Land of the Unicorns

4. Fly Away

5. The Hollywood Hootsman

6. Angus McFife

7. Keeper of the Celestial Flame of Abernethy

8. Masters of the Galaxy

9. Hootsforce

10. Universe on Fire

11. The Unicorn Invasio of Dundee

Headliner's Alestorm came forth with a total different set-up. Their music being another take on power metal mixed with some other elements involving the ocean sea, sharks, pirates, and ducks! They had not one but three ducks set up upon the stage, with their stage presents being energetic, passionate, and goofy. From start to finish of their set, lots more cheers were shouted out, with total interaction happening left and right, clapping, sing-a-longs, to the mosh pit, really stirring up fun!


Alestorm just kept their momentum constantly flowing, it being contagious from each song onto the next one. The ducks sitting on the stage, were set to float on-wards at the end of the performance, right into the crowd! But before that happened, a special sea creature guest by that of a shark swam onto the stage. Well sort of swam, more like walked onto the stage, but did sing two songs with the band! At the end of the set though, the crowd wanted more and an encore was brought forth, with those giant ducks floating atop the bottom floor of the two story venue, making the crowd very happy and rather surprised than anything.

All in all really, this trio of acts this night, brought on the entertainment, in more than once. All there, kids, teens, to adults old and young, kept their hopes high, and memories ready, to absorb all that was sung and played by the elements of fantasy, sea, and epic-ness!


1. Keelhauled

2. Pirate Metal Drinking Crew

3. Under Blackened Banners

4. The Sunk'n Norwegian

5. Alestorm

6. Cannonball

7. Hanging (Taio Cruz Cover Song)

8. Magellan's Expedition

9. Mexico

10. Tortuga

11. Nancy the Tavern Wench

12. Rumpelkombo

13. Shipwrecked

14. P.A.R.T.Y.

15. Captain Morgan's Revenge

16. Shit Boat (No Fans)


17. Drink

18. Zombies Ate My Pirate Ship

19. Fucked With an Anchor

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