THE BLEEDING Share New Single "Chainsaw Deathcult"


London born Death Thrash champions THE BLEEDING are returning in full force to bring you their third full-length album Monokrator! Today the band has shared a fresh taste of the album with new single "Chainsaw Deathcult".

The band comments: "Chainsaw Deathcult is a twisted tale of pleasure through pain and suffering. It's to revel in sadistic and grotesque acts of violence whilst indulging in a narcotic fantasy of vile intentions.

Musically speaking, Chainsaw Deathcult is the first song we wrote for the new album Monokrator, only a couple of months after the release of Morbid Prophecy. We'd gone back to the Mutilation demo by Death, as well as early Cannibal Corpse and punk bands like The Exploited and The Accüsed. We've infused these influences with modern elements that add a unique flavour while staying true to our own artistic vision. Our main agenda as a musical group is to bring a raw, fierce and unapologetic musical experience to our listeners and we feel that Chainsaw Deathcult achieves that."  

Stream the track here:

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