Ladybeard’s group BABYBEARD Returns with New Maxi-Single “Twisted Kaiju Tale” and New Record Deal!

BABYBEARD, the group of cross-dressing Australian wrestler and Kawaii-metal icon Ladybeard, returns with the new 4 track maxi-single “Twisted Kaiju Tale” through new label Setzuzoku Records.

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Hot off the back of a schedule of resumed international appearances and featuring both full cuts and karaoke versions of 2 new tracks, the maxi-single started streaming globally April 26. The release has happened through US based Setzuzoku Records, indie label whose touring arm Orion Live hosted Metal Matsuri, the world’s first ever Japanese metal festival anywhere outside Japan, that was MCed by Ladybeard, in 2019.

The Maxi-single features title track “Twisted Kaiju Tale” alongside “OPTISQUAD”, both composed and produced by Tokyo based Swedish musician Endigo of Drag Race Sweden fame, with lyrics by Ladybeard himself.

“Twisted Kaiju Tale” is a high octane kawaii-metal onslaught, boasting devastating verses juxtaposed with a delightfully cute and catchy chorus, as the world has come to expect from Ladybeard. Telling the story of a giant monster rising from the sea to attack Tokyo in the style of a Japanese Kaiju movie, we take you crashing through a saga of screams, claws and tumbling buildings!! But don’t get too scared….. every tale has 2 sides. And even monsters can end up being friendly.

“OPTISQUAD” bubbles enthusiastically for keeping the charms of optimism forever in your heart. A colourful synth led anthem of advocation for doing what makes YOU happy, OPTISQUAD encourages the pursuit of your own joy regardless of others’ opinions. After all, we can deal with tomorrow as it comes. Right now, let’s have fun!!

Tear down the city or get optimistic with BABYBEARD’s “Twisted Kaiju Tale”!! Available everywhere now on streaming services and through Setzuzoku Records.

Twisted Kaiju Tale / BABYBEARD

Release date: April 26th, 2023
Format: digital streaming
Price (downloads): JPY ¥764 (iTunes)
Label:Setsuzoku Records(overseas)/ BOLD MUSIC(Japan)

【Track list】
01.Twisted Kaiju Tale
Music:Endigo Lyrics:Ladybeard
Music:Endigo Lyrics:Ladybeard
03.Twisted Kaiju Tale (Instrumental)
04.OPTISQUAD (Instrumental)

Streaming URL:

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