Kreator Brings the Klash of the Titans Tour with Sepultura to LA!


Shapes, colors, exercise, spelling, and the human body somewhat, was what was taught tonight. Taking place on a Saturday night at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles, was the Klash of the Titans Tour, with Spirit World, Death Angel, Sepultura and Kreator! But tonight I’d have caught only the last two co-headliners Sepultura and Kreator.

Arriving at the venue around 8:30PMish, Sepultura were just finishing up setting up for their performance, and about five minutes later, they would take the stage, performing for the next hour straight! The packed venue due to the show being completely sold out, if not over sold, had the downstairs as well as upstairs filled to the brim with people. Security being seen only here and there throughout, with some fans standing in the walk way to get to the mezzanine and balcony area’s, other fans sitting on the stairs, to those already in seats standing up blocking views of others.

Sepultura was performing just fine, but the fans were not acting right throughout really. Indeed they were excited, cheering, shouting, singing-along, headbanging, just energized for the whole performance. The band themselves did keep that energy and momentum up, as the fans eagerly kept it flowing, getting enthralled with angst about the old material and new material as well. All in all though, the band even with its changes to those fans who may or may not like this line-up, did do a good job, and kept the hype up rather nicely. So much so, that a majority of the crowd even left after their set was over with, that’s how much of the room was feeling how great that performance really was like. But it is worth mentioning that Sepultura did teach the crowd the way of colors and exercise, as the frontman did jump up and down quite a bit, and the light show was filled with red, blue, green, yellow, purple, pink practically the rainbow! Some of the songs sung would include “Kairos” “Guardians of Earth” “Agony of Defeat”, “Arise” and “Roots Bloody Roots” to name off some of the stand out tracks this night.



1. Policia (Titas Song)
2. Isolation
3. Territory
4. Means to an End
5. Propaganda
6 Guardians of Earth
7. Ali
8. Agony of Defeat
9. Refuse/Resist
10. Arise
11. Ratamahatta
12. Roots Bloody Roots

Whereas headliners Kreator would be teaching the crowd about spelling and the human body except with the body of a demon! Perhaps even Satan himself, since the band did sing a song called “Satan Is Real”, along with other songs like “666-World Divided”, “Flag of Hate”, “Enemy of God”, “Hordes of Chaos (A Necrologue for the Elite)” and “Pleasure to Kill” to name off just some that grabbed the attention of the audience, a lot standing from their seats, to others blocking the walk ways to some even getting into it with the security refusing to leave. The band’s performance was so entertaining that the singer mistaken-ed tonight for Friday when it was a Saturday! During a lot of the songs they spelled out numerous words, and the giant demon looming over the band, kept it much more eerie.  But nevertheless, the band did have lots of fun, interacting with the crowd more than once, really wanting them to cheer and shout countless times. 


All in all though, the performance from both co-headliners was indeed two great sets that kept the sold out audience at bay, but eager for more than what was offered, which was decent but perhaps just not enough.


1. Hate Uber Alles
2. People of the Lie
3. Awakening of the Gods
4. Enemy of the God
5. Betrayer
6. Satan is Real
7. Hordes of Chaos (A Necrologue of the Elite)
8. 666-World Divided
9. Flag of Hate
10. Violent Revolution
11. Pleasure to Kill

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