XANDRIA Unveils Official Music Video for “My Curse Is My Redemption”

The freshly crowned Top 10 charting band XANDRIA recently returned to the peak of the mountain with an impressive new lineup and their brand new studio album 'The Wonders Still Awaiting'. Once again, the pioneers of German symphonic metal enchant their fans with the captivating official video for the single “My Curse Is My Redemption”. Singer Ambre Vourvahis underlines the intimate setting with breathtaking vocals.

XANDRIA on “My Curse Is My Redemption”:

“As many of you Xandria fans have named this song as one of your favorites from the new album, we decided to make a video for it - with beautiful pictures underlining the meaning of the lyrics:

"Music, art, as something that can derive from painful experiences, and then not only heal you, but also others. It is a wonderful gift for us all then.

"Another musical colour from the rich palette of our album 'The Wonders Still Awaiting', on which each song has its very own identity and its own atmosphere. This one is symphonic for sure, but also has some straight rock vibes, and a certain 80's flavour to it. It is melancholic but also has a hopeful twist, in both the music and the lyrics.

"We noticed that it is a wonderful song to play live - and we are looking forward to play that song for you on the upcoming tour!”

Watch the Official Music Video for “My Curse is My Redemption” HERE.

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