Echoes of Bronze Releases Debut Album

International Power Metal band Echoes of Bronze released their debut album "Ilium". The album was recorded in various locations around the world, and mixed/mastered at "CFN Recordings Studio" in Athens, Greece. Inspired by Homer’s Iliad and Quintus Smyrnaeus’ Fall of Troy; 'Ilium' retells the Tro-jan War epics as a metal opera, combining melodic storytelling with heavy metal to deliver a dramatic and nostalgic experience about valour, loss, glory and the cost of war. Recorded in various locations around the world, 'Ilium' features guest perfor-mances from Chandler Mogel (Outloud), Revekka Georgiadi (Nochnoy Dozor), Michael Gildner (Hard Riot), Angelina delCarmen (Charetta), César Moreira (Enblood) and Dion Christodoulatos (Sorrowful Angels) with music and lyrics by Carlos A Mondragon.

Check out the new album linked below:

Echoes of Bronze is a multi national collaboration project founded by Carlos A Mondragon, inspired by the Greek Bronze Age mythos and their legacy. Though the main constituent in the alloy is Epic/Power metal, Echoes of Bronze incorporates elements from other metal genres to convey the stories narrated by their songs.

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