Louisville Thrash Rockers BELUSHI SPEED BALL Re-Release New Album, ‘What, Us Worry?’,

BSB, initials that are so iconic in pop culture that everyone instantly knows the band you are talking about when you say them. That band, of course, is BELUSHI SPEED BALL.

The irreverent Louisville crossover thrash outfit, known for their unhinged performances, has always prided themselves on giving their fans the audacious and in-your-face tunes how they want, when they want, and in every single format you ever sat down and thought “why can’t I have it on this?” This point is made clear with their new album ‘What, Us Worry?’, which the band has already released for such beloved music platforms as the N64, SEGA CD, Gameboy Advanced, and 8-track.

So now, after fervent demand, Belushi Speed Ball has at last caved to the mainstream and are releasing their new LP on cassettes…specifically, Teddy Ruxpin Tapes. Yes, you read that right, 'What, Us Worry?' is the first metal release ever made available on cassettes that are programmed specifically for Teddy Ruxpin Tapes!

Commenting on their new gift to the masses, vocalist and BSB goon Vinny shares:

"There has been a constant demand for BELUSHI SPEED BALL cassettes, so we are finally giving the people what they want. Cassettes...that work on Teddy Ruxpins only! But be careful, the minute you put our specially programmed tape into a working Teddy, he will instantly be transformed into ‘Thrashy Punxpin’, a battle vest wearing pizza thrashbear that this world is not ready for!"

BELUSHI SPEED BALL recently released their full-length album, 'What, Us Worry?'

The album oozes BELUSHI SPEED BALL's collective personality, from ludicrous speeding riffs and pounding percussion to a touch of groove and sprinklings of hardcore. Interspersed with narrative snippets, these elements of humor carry over the outfit's shenanigans and stage theatrics into the recorded realms.

'What, Us Worry?' sees the band blend somewhat unexpected genre influences into the mix, notably the striking pop punk sound of "Dog Birthday". In stark contrast, "Belushi Speed Grind" plunges into guttural depths of grindcore. Taking on the metal world with a nonsensical approach, BELUSHI SPEED BALL deliver the preposterous enveloped in an epic sound.

In addition, ripping guitar solos have been provided by Jamison Land (former GWAR BEEFCAKE), Tony Barhoum (CONDITION CRITICAL) and Nick Burks (SAVAGE MASTER).

'What, Us Worry?' is available on N64, Gameboy Advanced, CD, and streaming everywhere. Buy the album HERE.

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