LEGION OF THE DAMNED Annihilate with Title Track, “The Poison Chalice”

Once again, Dutch thrash icons LEGION OF THE DAMNED unload hatred and anger into their remarkable depths of black and death metal, releasing yet another unmatched demon with the upcoming album, 'The Poison Chalice', out May 26, 2023 via Napalm Records. Surrounded by pitch-black darkness and tortured souls, the demonic underworlds are ready to eat!

With title track “The Poison Chalice”, LEGION OF THE DAMNED embrace the Beast together with an official lyric video! For the first time ever on a studio album, the band hails as a five piece and brings their aggressive and brutally blackened soundscapes to a higher level - closing the album with a steel-breaking track.

LEGION OF THE DAMNED on “The Poison Chalice”:

"Title track 'The Poison Chalice' praises the dangerous fruits of the left hand path and is straight forward heavy and furious Death Thrash"

Watch the Video for "The Poison Chalice" HERE.

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