Israeli Symphonic Metallers StormbounD Insist "The Show Must Go On" With Queen Cover Video

Following on from the release of their debut album ‘December’ in August 2022, Israeli symphonic metallers StormbounD have returned with a video cover of the Queen's classic track “The Show Must Go On”, which was released on April 7th, 2023!

Speaking about why they chose to go with this track, the band stated:

"First of all, most of us are Queen fans. One day we were just fooling around with this song's intro at rehearsal, and it felt like something that could fit our sound and style, so we learned the entire song and played it at the next show. Ever since then, we can't do a show without it so we figured out that if everyone enjoys it, we might as well record the thing. It felt really good to take such an iconic song and give it a little energy boost while keeping the original version's harmonies, and we hope we've done it justice."

The video can be seen and heard for "The Show Must Go On" right HERE.

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