Crimson Crow – Silence Before The Dawn

To never give up, is what got the likes of Crimson Crow together, having so many changes, mishaps, with numerous releases over the span of their music careers as it were. The band would come around in 2020 finding one singer who would fit the mold with Kaisa Kalliomäki. This would have the band go on to release an album called "Silent Before The Dawn".

The album featuring some of the songs of previous vocalist Mikko Hölsö, being the lead/backing vocals, taken from rehearsal recordings in 2017. The album has a lot of rock, melodic rock, with elements of progressive tones, acoustic guitars, with lyrical context covering life, love, sorrow, and humor as well. The album has 11 tracks of the actual release with bonus tracks included with the addition of five more tracks, in total 16-tracks of material that is gripping yet mellow.

Some of the stand out tracks include such as "Hold On", "Yesterday's Rain", "Wicked Heart", and "Dying Love". Each of these being fierce, catchy, yet meaningful. Melody-wise the instrumentals are catchy throughout, whereas the vocals provided brings a more 70's to 90's tone, sounding a lot like Cinderella crossed with the band Heart ever so slightly. The material is indeed filled with numerous guitar riffs, solos, with a voice that makes the album soar yet dramatic. Each of the tracks mentioned and altogether really, has this release just send chills through and through really. 

Everything works so well together, each of the band members does their part in proper roles, providing works that connect well with one another meshing well enough; that they balance and connect to each other really nicely. It's an album that blends the classics with a modern era of the here and now, that many music listeners shall enjoy.

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