NoTeVaGustar – Other Songs

NoTeVaGustar or NTVG for short, have been on the celebration trip of 25 years for a while now. Releasing an all new album to boot, called "Other Songs", a lot of their classic works of songs, and those that may not get noticed so well, have been reinterpreted within this album of a release. Take an intimate way of using acoustic instrumentation as the base structure and you get an album that is fundamental at all costs and purely grounded. Such very few of the tracks off this album would include the like as "Comodin", "Al Vacio", "Chau", "Clara", and "Poco", to say some of the lot. Each one being original and really interesting to say the least. These playing off as being a lot like one another but very original as well. The energy of the music is catching and upbeat at all times of play. In other words, these tracks along with the rest, just keep the music in check and play at all times. Vocals and instruments are well played out, making the music soar, sounding very powerful and bracing at times. This Latin style of rock music is crafty yet very fun. The songs feel as a refresher upon hearing them, just taking in all the angst and performance tactics that make them stick.

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