Eljuri - Resiste

For the next 30 minutes, solo artist Eljuri will captivate you with her reggaeton style of music that is truly out of this world. Take for instance "Resiste", this album's title track and first single causes such an uproar of acceptance that many discusses it's meaning, the music, and so much more surrounding it.

Like take how Eljuri goes into discussion about the lead track here called “Resiste”, she goes on saying how the root of the problem is the behavior of the people who are in power. Something along those, going on more so to say how she encourages us to persist against that fear and hatred that is being spread by the corruption happening now. Her reggae styling of music is not just the one outsourced genre but it meets a funky tone of style as well.

Not only does “Resiste”, tend to stand out the most off this album in itself called “Resiste”, but other tracks off this release do some standing on their own as well. “Bangbang”, “Una Ola”, and “Empuja”, are a few, that keep this tone that is very much funky reggae but mixed in with some ska similarities of music too. The use of horns, guitars, drums, and bass lines all connect so willingly, it works very well in her favor. Music is upbeat in tone, catchy, and just lots of fun when listening in.

“Resiste”, is for the most part, just a fun, outgoing time of an album, that Eljuri has created that really sends out, so many meaning’s and messages, within her lyrics and the music itself, that it becomes irresistible at times.


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