Fear Incorporated – Apparitions

European goth avant garde style project Fear Incorporated have been around not only for the past decade, but have written and recorded what is their seventh full-length album to date, titled "Apparitions" via Sacred Realm Records. This album contains some of the most intriguing material ever heard, at least by myself. Goth music is no stranger to me, as other acts within the spectrum like H.I.M., The 69 Eyes, Angelspit, along with many others, even twisting the gothic umbrella, do not come close to what Fear Incorporated has done with this album.

Take for instance their track "Ouija Board", this track alone, solely sets up this album to be just downright strange, awkward, and truly unrealistic. William Westwaker is one of the main members, along with guitarist Berwyn Waddon, William though, does it all really, from vocals, lyricist, synths, drums, and engineering of the entirety of this project's working's when it comes down to it. The musical side of the track, along with the rest of the tracks, including such as "Devil Dolly", "Exorcism", "The Haunting", "Nightshade" and "Ghost Train", are likely the most you need to hear off this album.

What gets you is likely William's vocal chords, they sound clear cut, but with the distortion added affects, it makes it very out of nowhere. That’s what really has to draw in the listener the most with this album’s contents of material. Each one of these tracks just shrieks pure delight, such energy, soothing vibes with even groovier undertones, that everything just comes together at once. In other words of expression here, would be probably that the music is just out there. There may be hardly any words to depict the meaning of it all.

To me at least, that is how “Apparitions”, sounds from Fear Incorporated. They take on the goth genre, with added effects of other underground genres, like industrial with rock with some EDM/techno beats, that makes it a Halloween album to hear all year long!

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