Jasmine Cain's Coffee Brew Selections a Cup of Suicide Blonde Coffee Review

For the longest time now, coffee has been one, if not the most recognizable liquids of consumption on this very planet. Thus, many in today’s day and age drink coffee, whether it’d be for breakfast or any hours of their daily lives, as there are numerous coffee shops in and around every street corner. With this craze of the so called drink, came numerous individuals ranging from musicians, to sell the substance at their own dismay, including alternative, hard rock, pop rocker Jasmine Cain.

Her coffee brews coming in three flavor choices, with a fourth option being the case of sampler packets. The first would be Jasmine Cain’s Coffin Coffee, then Jasmine Cain’s Suicide Blonde with Jasmine Cain’s Whiskey Kiss Coffee as the current third and final choice of an offering. Believe it or not though, the Whiskey Kiss Coffee sells on her online shop for $15.00 while the other two coffee’s go for $20.00. The coffee samplers being the lowest offering at $5.00!

After an in-person interview gone wrong, due to some technical difficulties, the conversation which did go over well, ended with Jasmine handing off a  grounded brew bag of a large sized amount. The two options available on the website lists a “ground” and “whole bean” option. Receiving the bag of coffee blend was a delight, as trying it would be an experiencing review indeed.

Once with the second flavor choice at hand “Suicide Blonde”, the grounded blend would be tossed into your average run of the mill electric coffee maker, heated accordingly to the standard time frame of 5-10 minutes or so, then once ready to be served, add your sugar and creamer if not milk, whichever fancy’s your liking, as all would be stirred well, tasting it would be well….

Shall we say, delicious! The flavor of what is likely vanilla beans, just hits the spot once it hits the taste buds, sending a soothing yet warmth inside your body. Drinking a single cup of the stuff, really keeps the smile upon your face afterwards. “Suicide Blonde”, just provides this flavor-fulfillment really. It’s sweet yet tame, has some angst to it, that makes you wanting more!

Surely, the other flavors within this batch of a trio, would likely do this one justice, at if not possibly being better perhaps? It is also duly noted that according to Jasmine Cain herself, more coffee flavors of blend, will be coming soon enough. So much more to choose from, that any coffee drinker, should be left bold, without bitterness, if not being burnt out of the stuff first!

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