The 69 Eyes Brings the Goth Glam Back to Los Angeles!

Finnish goth rock n' rollers The 69 Eyes have decided to bring back the glam in rock and goth! Thus, it took them 10 long years to return but the Helsinki Vampires are here for the Los Angeles and Hollywood Vampires as well! Th 69 Eyes being together for 3 decades, 30 years the band has made this tour not a celebration of their decades together but a conclusion to their last album, with the thirtieth festivities to begin once their next album drops come the autumn of this year 2019!

As it would have it, the band has been back in the U.S. since mid April, touring for the past couple of weeks, arriving in Los Angeles, California at the start of May, May 1st, making themselves known at The Regent venue in Downtown Los Angeles. Fans were divided between two different lines, each of which draping The 69 Eyes decor, if not just wearing all black or another band tee altogether. After the doors were opened a little after 7PM, all were let inside, hurrying in to buy merchandise and take their place of spot once all the way into the two story venue.

Fans hung along the railing upstairs, while all else hung out in and around the downstairs, packing it in, quite a bit, a little after 10PM lights dimmed as the background music faded away with other music coming in, as the intro to “Cry Little Sister”, from “The Lost Boys” film series, played on, announcing the arrival of the Helsinki Vampires, that were The 69 Eyes. Once upon the stage, the next 90 or so minutes was played consistently non-stop. Nineteen songs played, expressing the past and present working’s ranging from such hit songs as “Devils”, "Perfect Skin", "Dead Girls Are Easy", "Never Say Die", along with old favorites "The Chair", "Brandon Lee", "Feel Berlin", "Gothic Girl", "Dance D'Amour", and "Wasted The Dawn", to name a good handful. The setlist concluded though with one track that got all into the group, at least many most likely called "Lost Boys".

Throughout the night life though, fans alike were dancing among themselves, to shaking their heads to the beat of the tunes, down to others waving their hands in the air, if not singing right along, all there were all enjoying themselves very much so. So much in fact, that The 69 Eyes themselves couldn’t get enough of saying how much they had missed the U.S. especially Los Angeles, and were so glad to be back and how they need to be brought back more often.

So perhaps the Helsinki Vampires will make another round about across the U.S. of A and come back to the Vampire homesake that is California. Just so they can sink their fangs into the lives of the many other Vampires, living in and around us, if not among us or close to us, all of us are the dead of the night, thanks to a little goth group from 1989 called The 69 Eyes….


1. Devils
2. Don't Turn Your Back on Fear
3. Perfect Skin
4. Wings & Hearts
5. Dance D'Amour
6. Christina Death
7. Dead Girls Are Easy
8. Betty Blue
9. Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams
10. Wasting the Dawn
11. Dolce Vita
12. Brandon Lee
13. The Chair
14. Feel Berlin
15. Never Say Die
16. Framed in Blood
17. Gothic Girl
18. I Just Want to Have Something to Do (Ramones cover)
19. Lost Boys

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