Deicide's Overtures Brings Nothing But Blasphemy to Los Angele's 1720!

Where to begin with an act such as Deicide. Being death metal and active for over 30 years, with twelve albums under their belts, their twelfth album "Overtures of Blasphemy" being just released and pleasing metalheads alike. The band would of course go out on tour, promoting said release, with a bill unlike any before. This was a strict death metal based touring trek, not with some acts you may think of but quite close. Rounding out the line-up for tonight's events at Los Angeles venue 1720, a warehousing establishment, held forth an all age range of individuals, most if not all dressed in black! But that's not all because the line-up was heavy as possible, including acts such as The Absence, Jungle Rot, Origin and Deicide!

The Absence kicked off the night, performing a 20 minute setlist that consisted with them interacting with the crowd, getting everyone pumped up for the rest of the nights acts. Throughout their performance, fans got rowdy in the pit, while others stood back and enjoyed the tunes, that were catchy and fast hitting with pure heaviness. Surely their presents of performance tactics made their set really eye worthy of style and sound that was death metal done on their behalf.

The Absence

Up next was Jungle Rot, who erupted the stage, getting everyone in eye shot really roughed up. All there were consistently moving throughout the floor especially in the mosh pit. Like literally everyone who was on the surrounding’s of the pit, were involved within it, whether they just standing there pushing and shoving everyone else, or them falling alongside those who kept falling down. Everyone else just getting into the energy of all of it really. Jungle Rot keeping that energy of themselves and the crowd in high ranges, their performance being kept heavy and raw in tone. Interactions with the crowd being nothing but angst and pride. Jungle Rot bringing a new edge to the death metal genre, the jungle version.

Jungle Rot:

Following them was Origin, whose death metal styling was truly original. One of the most noted effects done by them, was their vocalist constantly voicing his opinion with the crowd of on lookers. Telling everyone to bang their heads, crowd surf the audience, to the mosh pit of shovers and pushers to get crazy! Non-stop happening’s took place during their set-up. The band performing nothing but grace, heaviness and pure on elegance. Moving so much was everyone around, no matter which way you looked, you got the vibrations instantly, that kept flowing until the last song was sung.

Concluding the night would be the death metal legends of all Deicide. Main man Glen Benton hitting 50, still has it going on, with the band after 30 years strong. Twelve albums down, nothing would prevent the madness that would unravel. Once they had everything in gear, Deicide would play off for the next good hour or so, playing a lot of the classic tracks, and newer tracks of material. This time though, the crowd would be insanely intense. If not at the barricade in the front, to those in the very back, everyone would be either pushed together, crowd surfing atop one another, or falling or pushing one another whichever way available. It was literal chaos throughout their entire performance. Deicide being very fierce with their performance, never breaking at all, but going forward with each song played, the crowd interacted with glee. Some of the tracks played would include such like “Dead By Dawn”, “Scars of the Crucifix”, and “Bible Basher”.


When the band was wrapping up their setlist, fans were shouting for more, encouraging an encore to take place. But once the band had played their final song of the night, an encore would not take place, as many were heading out the entrance doors, others hurrying to buy last minute merchandise or grabbing a late night drink. Deicide were done for the night, but ended on a high end note, of the death metal genre.


1. Dead by Dawn
2. When Satan Rules His World
3. Scars of the Crucifix
4. Crawled From the Shadows
5. They Are the Children of the Underworld
6. One With Satan
7. Once Upon the Cross
8. Defying the Sacred
9. Serpents of the Light
10. Seal the Tomb Below
11. Oblivious to Evil
12. Excommunicated
13. Dead but Dreaming
14. In the Minds of Evil
15. Sacrificial Suicide
16. Homage for Satan

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