BlaK Sunday – Self-Titled

Being known previously as BlaK, for quite sometime actually. The band came to the realization that a variety of bands would use this same name as well. So a change would occur and the band would now be called BlaK Sunday releasing an all new EP, taking the "Self-Titled" approach with accompanying single track titled "Our War". The lead single track has that powerful punch of attitude and straight on aggression if not progressiveness as well. The band combines the likes of deathrock, post punk, and gothic rock, to create a style that is original. It would sound slightly like The Misfits crossed with Dommin. The other tracks off this EP release like "Chaos Lover", and "She", showcase this slight similarity having that edgy and angst of energy that has a lot of spunk to it. A lot of the other tracks included are "live" material tracks one being "Chaos Lover", with the other being one called "Midnight". Hearing such tracks in the live perspective creates a vibration that is truly all about the hype. The tone of the music just becomes more out there, give or take just lots of momentum really. The whole circle of this EP is just filled to the brim with non-stop energy. BlaK Sunday may not be who they once were known beforehand, but this time around they will be remembered for a new beginning that will carry their music creativity even further than ever before, due to this chance of pace.

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