Englomanatic Glitch's Drew, Viko, and Emo Talk of New Single and More!

Stoner, psychedelic rock group ENGLOMANTIC GLITCH use numerous elements within their style of sound, to create something more unique and meaningful. Hence forth their most recent works comes in the form of their new single titled "The Raid". A few of the band members, Drew, Emo, and Viko talks about the single, the band, and future plans coming up soon!

1. So then, how did you guys meet and how did Englomanatic Glitch form?

Drew: We hired a house together (Viko and me) without knowing each other and then we had to move out, because we trashed the house and then we slept in the same bed for 6 months and during that period we started writing the songs and then we moved into another house, cuz we were a bit illegally staying there and then Emo joined in.

Viko: It was pretty much the same time we moved in with Emo that we had record our album and he smashed it. 

2. What was it, that got you into music and made you want to start a band?

Drew: Pussy.

Emo: I got into music because I was in music school, but I got into bands for pretty much the same reason.

Viko: Well, realistically that’s why people get into bands in the first place, so trying to come up with something else would be a lie.

3. How would you describe the style of music that your band creates and plays together?

Drew: The sound of the shifting delirium, even thou I don’t know what that means, Viko had to put some description on Instagram and I thought I sounded dope. 

4. Can you tell me about the single titled "The Raid". and why was it made into a single?

Emo: It was the first song we made after the album and it felt right to record it.

5. Does this single come from a particular release or is just a single of choice?

Drew: Just a single. 

6. Do you have any more new music in the works?

Drew: Yes, we always have new music that we are working on.

Viko: We don’t always finish them, thou

7. How do you go about promoting your band and shows?

Viko: Social media, friends, people we meet, local promoters, the regular stuff.

8. Can you describe your show, visually and musically for us?

Emo: Spacey.

Drew: Trippy, psychedelic space shit.

9. What else does the band have planned out for this year 2018?

Viko: More live gigs.

10. Anything else you want to add or say?

Viko: It's coming undone. 

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