The Owl-Eyes - I Could Care Less

The Owl-Eyes have had five years into their musical careers, but it all did not start off as a wholesome thing like a band would do. This began as a solo project by multi-instrumentalist Ethan Teel, who at a young age would listen to music, then decide right then and there that, that would be what he wanted to do. Hence forth The Owl-Eyes would develop and grow, releasing content ranging from numerous singles such as "Wild Child" in 2014, "Lil Miss Rarity" in 2014 and another one for 2014 titled "Schizo Girlfriend". Some years later would be a passerby and The Owl-Eyes would go on to write and record more content that would become album titled "Hallelujah Hysteria" due out in the next year, but before then yet another single would come forth this one called "I Could Care Less".

Now the title alone, is quite familiar because there have been other acts who have called their songs the same thing. The songs being of course, nothing alike, in style, sound, and format in anyway. But this other act being a band of the metal genre, pulled off this same titling track very nicely indeed. DevilDriver had a song of the same titling of "I Could Care Less", their version being heavy duty, raw, in-your-face aggression of material. Such force and power it made for an excellent single of choice.

Being brought back to The Owl-Eyes variation of usage of the "I Could Care Less", namesake, their version is shall we say, alternative meets pop rock. Think of such other acts like Rooney, The Kinks, mewithoutyou, Radiohead, The Flaming Lips, among others is what sort of similarities come to mind as far as the styling and sound source that The Owl-Eyes craft and create with this particular single.
The track has got flare, spunk, and makes a lot of noise. It may be mellow but still packs in a punch that is very catchy and upbeat in tone overall. The vocalization and instrumentation is just so in hand with everything else, it flows together evenly enough. It becomes a track that can be heard timelessly really. Surely just how the band's other single releases had done the same thing, bringing in endless amounts of energy, this one new track is a solid grounding for how the band plans to take themselves moving forward.

The Owl-Eyes' "I Could Care Less", may not be the DevilDriver version known by many. But that is what makes this one, more unique and very original to boot. This is an act to keep an eye out for, because they will be noticed ever so more, than they are right now. Given in time, they will become the next big act out there.

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