Shane Guerrette - Nomadic Soul

"Nomadic Soul", is the follow-up single to "Wound Up", released in 2017. Now that some time has surpassed, so has the music content to that of which belongs to Shane Guerrette. His last single release "Wound Up", brought forth the talented artist to do it all, from writing, recording, producing all was done by the artist in question. So the same ordeal was done with this all new single "Nomadic Soul".

Except this time, the "Nomadic Soul", track is more on the level. Like the vibrations given off it, are more upbeat in tone, catchier, and just lots of fun. The entirety of the track, just captures a different sense than how "Wound Up", had done. This track is a lot like that track, but also so much more different to.

Shane's vocalization tactics have developed, and grown with this year long length of time frame. It showcases much more so, allowing for him as an artist to expand his abilities as a musician. The way this newer song is so put together, makes it be just entertaining and free.

Everything just working together in favor of one another. Surely the next release from Shane Guerrette will not be so put off as these were. Perhaps his works will be more upbeat in tone, capturing a different variation of style and tone of approach. But for now, we have "Wound Up" along with "Nomadic Soul", both of which do the artist just fine indeed.

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