Diana Anaid - My Queen

Australian singer/songwriter Diana Anaid has released her most recent album to date titled "My Queen". While she has been known as a folk artist to many, or folkie to some, her style is true all the way through. Like take for instance her debut single track "I Go Off", released sometime ago, it holds up well even today.

Compared to the content upon this "My Queen", release, you are offered a more rounded piece of work, with such tracks as "Into Your Heart", "Better Girl", "Braveheart", "Twisted Love", and "Fallen For You", are just a very select few that make this album truly stand out. It's as if the content within, really speak from the artist singing such works. The melodies of said content is very driven material that makes the vocalization really capture the reality of all that is taking place.

With tracks like "Into Your Heart", and "Better Girl", for example, those play well off one another, as they do in fact really do. Each one just plays so willingly, that the passion shines through. The depth and tone of beat that the other tracks "Braveheart", "Twisted Love", and "Fallen For You", are a lot like the others, but these are more grounded, playing in a manner that is catchier, upbeat in the music source material. It rounds off to being a piece of works, grouped together that play in sync making it sound easy going but fun as well.

It is how this album that is titled "My Queen", just plays off to be really. Diana Anaid is an artist of her uniqueness, that has originality, spunk, and lots of energy to keep the material continually formatting itself. That all will shape with even more context, that will be even more complex and fun filled entertainment, just as the works here. In other words, she is an artist that has a lot of variety to take from with ease.


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