Annalisa - Skywaves

Very few can get away with being called "angelic", one of these exceptions is Annalisa. A sole singer/songwriter whose purpose is to be the song bird that she is and soar far and wide, if not further than ever before. Since this small town girl got stated in music way back when, she has had her musical performances posted online, showcasing her raw talents in numerous ways, including one of which had her go out on tour, after showing off her rendition of Matthew Santo's track "My Remedy". Over time she would continue to perform, as well as release her own content, doing it all DIY style in terms of the content and even artwork for the album covers. Thus her most recent works is a track titled "Skywaves", taken from an upcoming release expected in early 2019.

The track plays off as being nicely put together. Her vocalization shinning through greatly, as it twirls around the melody tone of the music that is captivating everything else happening. When listening in more closely,  the music begins to consume you, overwhelming you with such feeling of emotion, you find yourself at ease with not anything else on your mind. The music is just that soothing, that the tone of all what's happening, just moves you in such a way you find it comforting even.

Annalisa's style of music is very pop driven with this urban drift, that creates this easy listening experience of exposure, that makes it just similar in fashion to that of other acts like Adele or even Evanescence vibrations. In short, her voice and the melody of the music is just so catching and upbeat, that it becomes a track you will never be bored with but enjoy endlessly.

"Skywaves", as a whole, is just that, a track that is enjoyable from all sides. If you like a soothing yet angelic voice, that has melody to back it up and keep it in check, then by all means Annalisa, is the artist for you.

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