Sheridan Reed Talks of New Single and Music Career

Soul and R&B artist Sheridan Reed decided that after some time with being part of numerous bands, he would go on to become a solo act. To this day, he continues to play music, different genres in fact, but does stick to a handful of the sort to keep him occupied as such."We Should Both Be Here" is his newest single release that will be accompanied by his first official music video out this fall. After which more singles will follow suite, allowing for him to focus on doing what he loves best, music! Sheridan Reed himself goes on talking about all of these matters if not more so.

1. Please go on to introduce yourselves to our readers.

I'm Sheridan Reed! I'm a soul and r&b artist based out of Austin, Texas!

2. How did the band form and why did you want to make the music that you do?

Before I decided to breakout as a solo artist I had been part of a few different bands, but I was tired of the dynamic and so I’ve been working on my current solo career now since I’ve been in Austin. I was moving to a new city and wanted a fresh start, a new sound, a new style that was uniquely mine. Trying to find my voice, so to speak.

3. Can you tell me the story as to why you went with calling yourselves the name that you did?

I had debated a lot about going by an artist name for my solo career, but decided that going by my real name was the most honest and authentic way for me to present my music, especially since a lot of it is about myself.

4. What about the music, what type of music is it exactly that you call your own creation?

I’ve played lots of different genres in the past from folk and indie to hard rock and jazz, and after all that I settled on where I’m at now. I wanted to write music with a feel, a groove that people could move to, or sit back and relax to, while still feeling the ebb and flow. It’s always hard to classify your own music but if I had to I describe it as a combination of chill r&b and soul pop.

5. Where do your influencers come from and what are they so important to you?

My influences have changed a lot over the years, and at this point they vary and are so eclectic that it's hard to say. However, whenever I hear something that sounds completely unique in an approachable way it sticks with me, and drives me to do and be more.

6. What are your songs about and what types of topics do they tend to cover?

I write all of my music, and often I find myself writing about certain specific relationships or instances of connections, albeit different kinds. It’s all pretty introspective. So I guess a lot of the songs end up being about love and connection, or the pursuit of or lack of it.

7. Speaking of songs, what have you released so far, that you can disclose?

This release of my single "We Should Both Be Here" on July 23rd was my first release that a new style and genre for me. It’s something different for me as I’m trying out new things and growing as an artist. I've got a lot of other things in the works though.

8. Will any of this content be made into singles and or video releases?

I've got the music video for "We Should Both Be Here" finally done, my first official music video, and we're looking at an early to mid September release.

9. Can you discuss what the plans are for you guys for this year?

I plan on releasing a new single every month for the next 8-12 months followed by a compilation album. Several of the singles will have accompanying videos as well, but I still have to plan and work all that out logistically.

10. Would you like to say or want to add anything else?

I’m just so appreciative that I’ve gotten the opportunity after years of work to focus on and do what I love!

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